Immigration in Suffolk County, NY

Read and hear a two part report focusing on immigration issues in Suffolk county produced by and aired on NPR's Morning Edition program on November 19, 2009.

Part 1 - Flood of Immigrants to LI Sparks Tension.
Part 2 - Do LI Police Ignore Hate Crimes?



dianne rulnick said...

Dear Neighbors,

I am tremendously moved by the NPR report. It captured the feelings I had at the Memorial and the recent LI WINs forum. I am greatly appreciative of NPR, Neighbors in Support of Immigrants and those leaders who speak out.

The triumvberate that can step up to the plate and build a welcoming community is the press, educators and elected officials. Their voice needs to be present and constant. They need to be joined by many neighbors--clergy, business owners, service agencies and our next door nieghbors.

Perhaps someone will hold a local memorial as Father Ron Richardson did so movingly last year in Bridgehampton or the libraries will establish an event--is their an hispanic month?

Official Phil Ramos said that if you say the word illegals enough you spread the hate. It is with tearful eyes that I see this to be true in my community and country.

Would it be possible with all our efforts to think of something helpful to support our neighbors. Ultimately I hope we will work toward Comprehensive Immigration Reform that works for us as a country. Hate is just not the right fit.

I want to thank the Southern Law Poverty Center and all those who bring the issues to our attention. Sr. Margaret and many work so relentlessly to change negative feelings through their actions. I hope we all get the opportunity to read the report,and to move both generosity and inclusion forward, before there is another killing or simply another hateful remark.

If anyone can help make a soup kitchen (now through March or into April) happen--with coats and lunch for those in need--discreetly and effectively in Southampton please let me know. I am striking out, and time is short to help our neighbors in need as another winter is upon us.

Thank you

Dianne Rulnick
Water Mill

NISI said...

Dear Neighbors--

It is all to the god that NPR is highlighting immigrants and the immigrant experience in Suffolk County. There clearly are problems. But I do hope that they will enlarge the scope of their programming to cover the daily life of the average immigrant--especially the undocumented immigrants who have such a hard time trying to earn a living and raise their families. Many of these people need help of a different kind--food, clothing, decent treatment. And, possibly, most of all, understanding and compassion.

Sylvia Baruch